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Many people want to live in a vibrant city with plenty of things to do, and East Lyme, CT is a great place to find plenty of activities for a couple or the whole family. About seven miles away, in the town of New London, Cross Sound Ferry Lighthouse Cruises gives residents and visitors an up-close look at the waterfront and lighthouses in the area. People can also enjoy The Submarine Force Museum, which is located in Groton only seven miles away from East Lyme. For those who are interested in a less structured activity, Ninantic Bay Boardwalk is a great place to go for a walk or sit out on the beach and swim in the ocean. Anna Pearls Curiosities offers residents a place to buy beautiful jewelry, and The Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut is a fun place to bring the kids to for an afternoon.

Current East Lyme Rental Property Owners

If you already own properties in East Lyme, you likely know about many of the attractions that the area can offer single people, couples, and families. If you happen to live in East Lyme, you definitely know about all that the town has to offer. These attractions help to make the area such a great place to live, which makes the area that much more desirable to potential renters. There are also some great reasons that you might decide to put your house up on the rental market. For instance, if you really want to move into a bigger house, your current house can be extra equity that you can later when house values in the area are even higher. Plus, you'll have made that much more value on the house in the meantime through monthly rental payments. It's also a nice option for people who have to leave the area for a couple of years for work because they can come back to their house when they're ready to move back home.

Future East Lyme Rental Property Owners

If you're looking for a great investment, a rental property in East Lyme could be ideal for you. Making money from the monthly rent payments can help your finances now, and you can make money for retirement. And the entire process is actually easier than you might think when you have a good East Lyme property management company.

Future Pledge Property Management Customers

If you have a property or might have one in the future, using an East Lyme property management company could be the way to go. Pledge Property Management has experienced staff and property managers who can walk you through the process and take care of your investment while you're away. We also have flexible management plans to suit many people's situations.

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Property Marketing

Don't let your home sit empty. Each day your property sits vacant you are losing income. We use cutting-edge marketing to rent properties fast!

Resident Screening

Tired of residents causing endless headaches? Our screening process weeds out the bad apples, with financial verification, eviction investigations, and criminal background checks.


Stop wasting your time on maintenance! We can answer all your maintenance calls, troubleshoot issues, and coordinate repairs with preferred vendors. We get the job done right the first time.

Rent Collection

Say goodbye to late rent payments forever. We handle all monthly invoicing and rent collection for you. Payments are quickly processed and earnings disbursed to your account.

Property Inspections

Never worry about the health of your home again. We perform additional inspections to ensure residents adhere to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues.

Financial Reporting

Let our team handle your accounting needs and experience peace-of-mind. We compile detailed reports and provide 24/7 access via your account portal.

Eviction Protection

Struggling to handle a bad apple? We offer eviction protection, should something go wrong. We'll legally resolve the situation and find a great new resident to take occupancy.

Animal Protection Guarantee

Costs from damages caused to the home from an approved animal will be reimbursed by Pledge, limited to $1000 over the security deposit basic but up to  $2000 under the complete and premium plans.

Looking for the perfect rental property this Spring?

Look no further than Pledge Property Management. Our team at Pledge is dedicated to finding the best possible living spaces for our tenants and keeping them happy. We understand what renters are looking for, and we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. With our unbeatable expertise in property management, you can trust that your rental experience with Pledge will be smooth and stress-free.

At Pledge Property Management, we believe that communication is key. We pride ourselves on clear and prompt communication with our tenants, so you always know what's happening with your rental property. Our friendly and skilled staff are always here to help, whether you have questions about your lease or need assistance with maintenance.

With our focus on tenant satisfaction, you can trust that your rental property will be well-maintained and protected. So why wait? Give Pledge Property Management a call at 860-887-2792 to find your perfect rental property this Spring. With over 50 years of experience serving the local community, you can trust Pledge Property Management.

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