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How Our Referral Program Works

Three Simple Steps

1. Send us Your Referral

After getting permission from your client, fill out the referral form below with their contact information.

2. We Get in Touch

We'll call your referral and walk them through the steps of our sales process, recommending solutions for their Connecticut home.

3. We Pay You

We pay 25% of the first month's rent for all property management purchases. If your client only needs leasing services, we'll pay you 10%.

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Why Refer Clients to Us?

Explore the Advantages

Don't Lose Your Clients

Sending us a referral is an easy way to keep your client's happy without losing a future sale. We'll handle the property's management on their behalf, and when it's time to sell, refer them back to you.

Say Goodbye to Liability

Don't answer complicated questions on property management if you're not well-versed in the regulations and ordinances that impact landlords. Instead, send your clients our way and let us do the hard work for you.

Written Contracts for Peace of Mind

Working with a partner in the real estate industry can feel uncertain at times; we want all of our referral partners to feel assured in their relationship with us, which is why we craft written contracts to keep both parties protected.

Protect Your Reputation

Don't work with a shady property manager who leaves a bad taste in your client's mouth. Instead, choose a reputable firm with nearly 50 year's worth of local experience.

You Earn Referral Fees

You'll earn a referral fee for every client who signs with us: 25% of the first month's rent for property management and 10% for lease only.

How Much Can You Make?

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Some Sample Numbers

Average Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions