The Pledge Property Management Difference

  1. The first step in determining if property management is right for you is to perform a market analysis to set the rental price range. If that price range is acceptable, we then will review and sign the paperwork and onboard you as a new owner client.
  2. The Manager will then make suggestions on how to get the property ready for showings. We require safety issues to be fixed but highly recommend addressing specific cosmetic problems as well to help get the property rented quickly and to the best possible residents.
  3. Your manager will take high-quality professional photos, set up the lockbox, and list the property online through the SmartMLS reaching thousands of websites. The SmartMLS allows any licensed agent to show the property to prospective residents per your schedule.
  4. Pledge will process all resident applications through our 10-point screening process. We accept or deny based on your criteria, but we will recommend standards based on our experience. When we have an acceptable resident(s) we will draft and execute a signed lease, collect rent, and security deposit. Before move-in, we will inspect and deliver keys.
  5. Now that the resident is on the property we will be there 24/7 to provide service via our main office phone line, text messages, email, and an online portal. The owners will be able to approve all work expected to cost more than $400. Owners will also have access to the online portal and be able to see the monthly statement and customizable reports.
  6. Pledge will also monitor lease renewals and when the resident provides notice, conduct a move-out inspection, determine resident charges, and the return of deposit less any charges.

To continue renting go back to step 1 and repeat the process. If you're interested in selling the property, Pledge can help too!

Pledge PM Difference