Moving Checklists

Make Your Move as Seamless as Possible

We want to make moves as easy as possible for our residents. Whether you're moving into a Pledge Property Management home or you're moving out, the information below should help answer some of the common questions we often receive.

If you need additional help, please call our offices (860) 887-2792 or contact us via the Resident Portal.

Move-in Checklist

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Your first rent payment and all applicable security deposits are payable at the lease signing. Please confirm the amounts with our team in advance.

Move-in Report

Upon moving into a new home, you'll need to fill out the move-in report. Please download this document, complete it thoroughly, and return it to our management team as quickly as possible.


Contact your utility companies to change the accounts into your name as soon as possible after taking possession. This will prevent unnecessary outages and administrative fees.

Move-out Checklist

Notice of Intent to Vacate

Your lease duration is defined in your lease, along with the terms and conditions governing your departure. You'll need to provide written notice of your intent to vacate before leaving your home. All of our leases respect the regulations of the Service Member Civil Relief Act (SCRA).

Property Condition

Your home must be thoroughly cleaned before returning your keys.

  • Rental Cleaning: First, remove all of your possessions from your rental property. All garbage should also be removed. Sweep, vacuum, and mop floors and wash walls. In the kitchen and bathrooms, sanitize hard surfaces and pay close attention to appliance surfaces.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you have outdoor space, you also need to address landscaping chores like mowing the lawn before leaving.
  • Repairs: Be sure to make all necessary repairs, such as patching nail and screw holes, before leaving the premises.

Security Deposit

The security deposit for your property safeguards against damage that may occur during your tenancy. To recover the full deposit, be sure to make repairs as necessary. We will perform a final inspection after you leave and note any damages that need to be repaired.

Repair costs will be deducted from the deposit and the remainder will be returned to you.

Move-Out Report

Please download and fill out the move-out report before leaving. This must be returned to our offices with your keys.