Instructions for Resident Agentsagent instructions

1. Resident Agents should complete their resident agency agreement prior to showing our properties.
2. We do not accept credit reports, screening information, etc from outside sources. All adults must apply on our website, Application fees are non-refundable.
3. Applicants must use different email addresses for each applicant. Our software requires this for signing the lease and accessing the resident portal.
3. Our policy is to have all pets screened by an outside agency. Owners have final approval on all pets. 
4. The application process typically takes 2 business days. Applicants have 5 calendar days to provide the required documentation or the applications will be canceled.
5. Active military and military students must complete the military form in addition to the rental application.
6.  We charge a Risk Mitigation Fee to all residents with average credit scores below 700 upon move-in. This fee is our way of working with applicants with varying credit and reduces overall resident move-in costs.  Many times our security deposits are lower than most landlords and we also offer a security deposit alternative, Obligo.
7. Pledge Property Management will communicate with applicants directly regarding their applications.
8. We do not accept rent in our office. Rent can be paid online via the resident portal, at 7-11 Convenience Stores or participating CVS Stores.  A copy of our standard lease is also available on our website for review.