10-Point Resident Screening Process

Pledge Property Management has a thorough 10 point resident screening process.

Let's get started breaking down each criterion.

1. Income to Rent Ratio - Most of our properties require a verifiable net income of three times the rent per application group.

2. Credit Score - Owners prefer credit scores over 600, but credit score alone is not a reason for automatically denying an applicant.

3. Bankruptcies - If an applicant has a bankruptcy they would need to be manually reviewed and would not necessarily result in an automatic denial.

4. Accounts in Collections - If an applicant has accounts in collections, the owner would need to consider these debts manually. Landlords often forgive medical and student debts below a specific limit.

5. Rental History - Potential residents with an eviction judgment within the last five years are atomically denied.

6. Felonies and 7. Misdemeanors. - For applicants with criminal records, we would instruct the owner to evaluate if this offense would negatively affect the property, other residents, or the neighborhood.

8. Sex Offender List Registrant - If the applicant is a registered sex offender the owners would manually review their case.

9. OFAC/Terrorist Database Records - If an applicant is found in the terrorist database, the owner would typically deny them.

10. Pet Screening - All pets are screened at Pledge.Petscreening.com. They have a thorough process of evaluating the pets and help us establish pet fees and pet rent. I hope this overview of the 10-point screening process was helpful.