Tenant Eviction for Your Groton Rental Property –- How to Get a Bad Tenant Out

There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a bad tenant, but from one property owner to another: you want to avoid an eviction at all costs.

The Connecticut eviction process takes time and contains a number of specific steps to follow to evict a tenant for nonpayment of rent, holding over after expiration of the rental agreement or for a material violation of the lease.

No one wins in an eviction proceeding, and unless you happen to be an attorney, a property manager cannot do an eviction. So, your presence is needed if you don’t hire an attorney.

The Objective of Tenant Eviction

When you have a bad tenant, the goal is to get the tenant out of the property so you can rent the property back out to a tenant who pays on time and takes care of the home.

The process can turn into a negotiation between you and the tenant, and that may mean letting the tenant out of his/her lease early, resulting in a loss of money. While it hurts to lose money, the bottom line is you need to do what you can to get the tenant out of your property.

Negotiating with Bad Tenants

A good Groton property management firm reports timely and/or untimely lease payments to a credit bureau like Rent Bureau or Experian. Payment history can positively or negatively impact a tenant’s credit score, and it’s a tool you can use to collect rent payments when they’re due.

It’s also a tool you can use when you’re trying to remove a bad tenant from your property. Inform the tenants during your negotiation that they can get out of their lease early and you won’t report their late or lack of payment to any credit agency. It’s effective and could give you a better end result.

Protect Your Property

So, you’ve managed to get your tenant to move out. Now what?

Do a walk-through of the entire property. Get the final sign-off on all the charges you will take out of the security deposit, and now you can begin looking for a new tenant.

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