Top 5 Restaurants in Norwich

Dear Residents,
Welcome to Norwich, Connecticut! We are delighted to have you as part of our community. One of the many things that make Norwich special is its vibrant food scene, with a variety of restaurants offering delicious cuisine. To help you get started, here are the top 5 restaurants to try in Norwich:

  1. These Guys Brewing Company: Located in the heart of Norwich, These Guys Brewing Company is a popular spot for craft beer and delicious pub fare. From loaded nachos to pulled pork sliders, the menu has something for everyone. Be sure to try their homemade beer, brewed on-site.
  2. Jack’s Brick Oven Pizzeria: For delicious New York-style pizza, head to Jack’s Brick Oven Pizzeria. Their pizzas are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and baked in a brick oven, resulting in a crispy crust and a deliciously chewy texture. Don’t miss their Margherita pizza, topped with fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, and basil.
  3. Mahzu Sushi Bar & Restaurant: If you’re in the mood for sushi, Mahzu Sushi Bar & Restaurant is the place to go. With a wide selection of sushi rolls, sashimi, and bento boxes, there’s something for every sushi lover. Don’t miss their signature rolls, like the Mahzu Roll and the Dragon Roll.
  4. Canggio: For modern Peruvian cuisine, Canggio is the place to be. Their menu features a fusion of Peruvian and international dishes with a focus on fresh and local ingredients. Don’t miss their ceviche and Chica Morada, a refreshing purple corn-based beverage.
  5. La Stella’s: For classic Italian fare, visit La Stella’s. With two locations in Norwich, La Stella’s Pizzeria and La Stella’s Pasta & Pastry, their menus feature a variety of pizzas, pastas, and entrees, all made with fresh ingredients. Don’t miss their homemade meatballs and tiramisu for dessert.

Whether you’re in the mood for pub food, classic American comfort food, sushi, modern Peruvian cuisine, or classic Italian fare, Norwich has something to offer. We hope that you enjoy exploring the culinary scene of our city.
Best regards,
Alex Gebbie and The Pledge PM Team