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Manchester Property Management

Manchester is a small town in Connecticut. The city has various restaurants and shops for residents to enjoy. Although the town is small, it has grown in recent years. Many people enjoy looking at the mountains surrounding the area. Others appreciate the low cost of living offered in Manchester. There are numerous homes for sale in the city. As a result, some real estate investors are looking for opportunities in the area.

Real Estate in Manchester

Manchester is an excellent place for real estate investors to purchase properties. The town is expanding, and most people believe that property values will increase in the coming years. There is also a significant population of renters in the town. Anyone who buys a Manchester rental should have plenty of tenants to choose from.

Some investors purchase older homes in Manchester to renovate. After the renovations are finished, these investors sell the home for a massive profit. This style of real estate investing has various financial risks.

Financial Planning

Some people wrongly assume that real estate investing is an easy way to make money. Some investors quickly purchase a property for sale. However, these investors promptly find out how challenging real estate investing can be. Developing a financial plan is essential for success.

Before borrowing money, an investor needs to understand their current financial position. People who are deeply in debt should not borrow more money to purchase investment properties. Most banks have stringent requirements before a borrower can be approved for an investment loan. Investment loans also have higher rates of interest than mortgages. All of these factors should be considered before buying a Manchester rental house.

Manchester Property Management

Property management is a significant challenge for real estate investors. Finding and managing tenants is always hard. Some people hire a Manchester property management company to help with the process. With so many Manchester property management companies to choose from, some investors struggle to select the best option.

Pledge Property Management has served the surrounding community for many years. The company has excellent customer service. Many of the people who work for Pledge Property Management have invested in real estate. The employees offer practical advice for people who are getting started with investing.

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Property Marketing

Don't let your home sit empty. Each day your property sits vacant you are losing income. We use cutting-edge marketing to rent properties fast!

Resident Screening

Tired of residents causing endless headaches? Our screening process weeds out the bad apples, with financial verification, eviction investigations, and criminal background checks.


Stop wasting your time on maintenance! We can answer all your maintenance calls, troubleshoot issues, and coordinate repairs with preferred vendors. We get the job done right the first time.

Rent Collection

Say goodbye to late rent payments forever. We handle all monthly invoicing and rent collection for you. Payments are quickly processed and earnings disbursed to your account.

Property Inspections

Never worry about the health of your home again. We perform additional inspections to ensure residents adhere to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues.

Financial Reporting

Let our team handle your accounting needs and experience peace-of-mind. We compile detailed reports and provide 24/7 access via your account portal.

Eviction Protection

Struggling to handle a bad apple? We offer eviction protection, should something go wrong. We'll legally resolve the situation and find a great new resident to take occupancy.

Animal Protection Guarantee

Costs from damages caused to the home from an approved animal will be reimbursed by Pledge, limited to $1000 over the security deposit basic but up to  $2000 under the complete and premium plans.

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The Pledge team works diligently to find the best residents out there and keep them happy. We know what renters are looking for, and we focus on satisfaction above all else. This focus keeps your property protected and helps ensure the lowest vacancy rates possible. We want to provide the best service in the industry, and we believe relationships are built on healthy communication. We're always happy to take your call or provide clients and customers input. Give our offices a call at 860-887-2792 —we're confident you'll appreciate our friendly and skilled staff. Whether you have questions about real estate or property management in Connecticut, we are here for you. There is a simple reason so many property owners choose Pledge Property Management: we know what we're doing and have been helping local homeowners since 1970.

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